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Becoming a STEM Fellowship Associated School

An institutional membership certifies an institution as a STEM Fellowship Associated School. This designation provides students with enriching, STEM-oriented opportunities inside and outside the classroom, allowing them to develop applicable and transferable skills relevant in all fields of STEM. This designation allows registered students to sign up through the school for STEM Fellowship’s competitions and contests, as well as, receiving access to the institution’s subscriptions to STEM Fellowship programs and services.

  1. Receive a “kick-off” presentation open to all members of the institution where representatives from STEM Fellowship review benefits and operations of the program
  2. Institution can form a STEM Fellowship branch with its own representatives and committee
  3.  Institutions may also partake in the following competitions and/or challenges:
    • CaYPT (Canadian Young Physicists’ Tournament): secondary students compete to participate in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament by presenting solutions to scientific problems (which require background research, experimentation and analysis of variables over a time period of a few months)
    • Big Data Challenge: undergraduate and high school students (in their own respective streams) undertake a team-based cross-disciplinary competitive opportunity to analyze independent research projects that tackle real-world problems with data science tools. This opportunity also features a chance for publication in the STEM Fellowship Journal
    •  Scholarly Writing Challenge: an opportunity for high school students (grades 10-12 or equivalent) inside and outside of Canada to showcase their original research
    • Subscription to STEM Fellowship Journal where members will be automatically notified of new publications, and will have the opportunity to interact with the Student Editorial Board
      • Interacting with SEB includes; mentorship and support in exploring academic passions, developing scholarly writing skills, and expanding students’ experience with peer-reviewed publications

For detailed information, please see the Memberships Package. For any questions and/or concerns, please contact

Please pay the annual institutional membership fee of $180 through the subscribe button and fill out the form below: