CaYPT 2018




Register for this year’s CaYPT Regional Competition by filling out the online form here. Note that the registration will open December 1st, 2017 and will end December 31st, 2017.



December 1, 2017 CaYPT Regionals Registration Open
December 31, 2017 CaYPT Regionals Registration Deadline
Early-February 2018 CaYPT Regionals Competition
February 2018 CaYPT Nationals Registration
Mid-April 2018 CaYPT Nationals Competition



The regional and national questions for the CaYPT were selected from the 17 IYPT problems on October 9, 2017. See below for details.

Regionals Questions Nationals Questions
1. Dancing Coin 1. Ring Oiler
2. Heron’s Fountain 2. Candle in Water
3. Drinking Straw 3. Curie Point Engine
4. Conical Piles 4. Weighing Time
5. Water Bottle 5. Blowing Bubbles


In order to participate in the IYPT, your team must complete all of the 17 IYPT problems. The full list of the IYPT problems is available here.


Last Year’s Winners

The winners of CaYPT 2017 were Jim Chen, Vivian He, Patrick Prochazka, Tian Yu, and Richard Zhu. Congratulations to the 2017 Canadian National Team for ranking 14th and receiving a bronze medal at the 30th IYPT in Singapore!

CaYPT gave me the opportunity to experience both the experimental and theoretical aspects of scientific research. One of the most beneficial parts of the competition, in my opinion, is its ‘debating’ format. Putting myself into roles of the reporter and the opposer pushed me to think of problems from a variety of different view points.” – Vivian He


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