CaYPT 2017


CaYPT Important Dates

March 8, 2017 Registration deadline for ONTARIO applicants
March 25, 2017 Tournament date for CaYPT Ontario Regionals
at Perimeter Institute
April 26, 2017 Registration deadline for all other NATIONALS applicants
**May 6, 2017 ‘Practise Tournament’ cancelled
May 27, 2017 Tournament date for CaYPT Nationals (via **Werktribe)

**Peerbuds is now Werktribe


How the Competition Works

This year will mark the first annual Canadian Young Physicists’ Tournament, the Canadian national platform for the IYPT. The teams can consist of 3-5 students, one of them being the team Captain, accompanied by a Team Leader (an adult mentor with adequate physics knowledge – usually a science educator who can provide guidance to the team). The Ontario Regional tournament will be held on March 25, 2017 at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (**there will be no other regional competitions for 2017), and the National tournament will take place on an online platform (date TBD). CaYPT strives to provide all interested Canadian students with a shot of being part of the Canadian team. Thus, regional competitions will be held to provide a chance for students from all across Canada to participate.


The basis of each regional competition will be the same rules as the actual IYPT with only minor adjustments. The problems will be a selection of 5 out of the 17  IYPT 2017 problems which were released in July 2016. Please click the following for the regional and the national questions.

Each team will need to come up with a theoretical model, research, and experiment all of these problems before the competition, as the competition itself is of presenting these solutions to other teams and the jurors. (Note: each team can reject up to one question per Physics Fight, so it is highly recommended to research at least four of these problems.)


Teams of 3-5 participate in a nationwide competition that is held online through a platform that can simulate the situation of a physical competition as much as possible. If a winning National team has less than 5 students, an arrangement must be made for the number of students in that team to reach 5, perhaps through selecting the best performing students from the second team. This team will then be given the opportunity to proceed to the international competition, IYPT in July.

For more details on how the competition works, rules and regulations, how to prepare, and how the competition is scored, please refer to the updated CaYPT Informational Brochure.

IYPT has released a reference kit to guide students along on their research: Draft_2017_IYPT_Reference_kit

IYPT has a very complex structure. We highly recommend any participants to look up IYPT videos on youtube and watch them to familiarize how the competition works in order to prepare for CaYPT.

(CaYPT ON Regionals 2017)




Please register at the Registration tab above.

There, you will need to enter details for all your team members. Please remember that there is a registration fee of $100, we will have to verify that the registration fee has been paid 48 hours after your form submission, or the cheque be postmarked no later than April 26, 2017 for your registration to be complete.

Ontario Applicants: The deadline for registration was March 8, 2017. All Ontario regional competition application will be directly transferred to the national competition application. Please email us if your team wishes to opt out of the national competition. Any late registration for the national competition must be accompanied by an email explaining why the team wasn’t able to participate in the Ontario regionals.

National Applicants: The National competition will occur early-mid May, online.
Registration deadline is April 26, 2017.

For this registration form, we also require the name and contact details of a supporting adult who will accompany you on the day of the competition and will verify the information in the registration. This person will be the Team Leader, and must be an adult with adequate physics knowledge (usually a physics teacher) to be able to coach the team. We suggest that the Team Leader actually fill in the form and make the payments through the PayPal system, or mail the cheque to the STEM Fellowship mailing address on behalf of the student team.

Teams will be consisted of 3-5 students. One student shall be a Team Captain who will be the main contact for the team. While it is recommended, it is not required for all students nor the Team Leader to be from the same school.

Make sure to read through the rules and regulations provided on the CaYPT 2017 website.

Failure to complete any of the required sections or illegible entries will cause delays in the registration process.

For any questions or issues regarding registration, contact CaYPT Coordination Committee Team Lead:, or


Logistics of the Competition

The National competition will occur **May 27th, 2017, online via Werktribe.
A ‘Practise Tournament’ will be provided online for the teams that have not gotten the chance to participate in the Ontario Regionals. The purpose of this is to help familiarize these teams with the somewhat-complicated rules of IYPT. As was for the Ontario Regionals tournament, the results of this ‘Practise Tournament’ will not affect the eligibility to participate nor the results in the Nationals.

This tournament will occur online on **May 6th, 2017. Please be prepared to compete with the 5 NATIONALS questions (see above).

Registration deadline is April 26th, 2017.
Please register here:

Please note that the registration fee cheque must be mailed to STEM Fellowship, 24 Weatherstone Cr. Toronto, ON, M2H 1C2, postmarked no later than April 29th, 2017.

(** changed date due to number of conflicts on the original date, May 13th, 2017)

Judging Process: Judges would be faculty members from various fields of Physics who can volunteer their time for a weekend. We are hoping our academic partners can support us in inviting more judges to the regional and national event. Judges are preferable faculty members or post doctorate associates. Graduate students and educators with a degree in physics are also encouraged to reach out to us!

For each Physics Fight around 5 jurors are required, meaning that there would be at least 10-15 jurors required for each regional competition based on the number of simultaneous physics fights going on, for each regional competition. The priority would be to get faculty members from each host university but as that may not be possible for some places, graduate students in fields of physics may also be allowed to participate as jurors. Jurors would have to go through some sort of orientation with the relatively complex structure of IYPT Physics Fights and the scoring criteria with support of the previous IYPT team leaders and observer (for 2016) who have seen the competition up close. Jurors would have to declare any conflict of interest with participating teams.

CaYPT National Camp: After the selection of a team of 5 to be sent to the IYPT, a camp should be held for the period of 1-2 weeks with the partnership of a university that can provide housing and lab facilities for the team and leaders for that period. The university will be recognized as a major partner for the competition and will also give weight to the national team. We are currently in discussions to find an academic sponsor for the national camp. More information to come.



The placements are determined by the accumulation of points system. The team with the highest TSP (Total Sum of Points) will receive the gold medal award, the runner-up will receive the silver medal award, and the third placing team will receive the bronze medal award. In case of ties, FW (Fights Won; the number of PF’s the team has placed first in) will be considered, as well as the juror’s decisions.

In the Ontario Regional competition, the first place will receive a prize winning of $300, second place $200, and third place $100.

We are still in the process of organizing the National competition, but sponsorship permitting, the first place will receive a prize winning of $350, second place $250, and third place $150.


Sending the Team

The winning team of the national CaYPT will be given the opportunity to proceed to the 30th IYPT hosted by the National University of Singapore from July 5-12, 2017. The Canadian team will be sent to the IYPT alongside two team leaders and possible observers on behalf of STEM Fellowship (as the IYPT Member Organization).

(IYPT 2016)


No Team? No Worries!

If you are interested in participating in CaYPT but do not have sufficient number of people to form a team (these teams should consist of 3 – 5 high school students and one Team Leader who is a science teacher), please fill out these connection forms. Depending on the number of team members you need, we will help you connect with other interested students and/or teachers based on geographical location through email.

CaYPT Student Connection Form (for student(s) looking for a team leader)

CaYPT Teacher Connection Form (for teacher(s)/interested adults looking for a team of students or if there are insufficient number of students to form a team)


Interested in promoting the competition? Want to share this great opportunities with peers? Use our CaYPT Informational Poster!



STEM Fellowship is currently in discussion with numerous academic sponsors across Canada to parter with us to facilitate various aspects of the 1st CaYPT. The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and Partners in Research are currently facilitating the competition.



As a side point to the main event, STEM Fellowship will keep the door open for potential publication of the work conducted by participated teams who develop their presentations into a manuscript. There is a possibility that some of these papers could be published in the STEM Fellowship Journal (SFJ) and all of the projects will be eligible for submission to the STEM Fellowship Scholarly Writing Challenge (SWC)