CaYPT 2020

CaYPT 2020

10 Interesting Physics Problems for You to Explore


CaYPT 2020 is open for registration. The regular registration deadline is Jan 26, 2020. The conditional registration deadline is Feb 9th, 2020. This year we are implementing a new registration system called CaYPTMS. If there are any technical problems please email us at

Not sure where to start?

You can join our Mentorship Program. Our past IYPT participants can answer your burning questions.

If you need a teammate, we can help you Find a Teammate.

CaYPT Speed Dating (Teammate) Groups

Wonder about the format?

First, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.

You can read our Rules and Regulations.

To get a sense of a world-class physics match, you can watch the Past IYPT Finals. Don’t be intimidated, be impressed!

You can also watch the Team Canada at IYPT 2019 Playlist.

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