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National Competition Details

Date and Time:

Saturday April 14, 2018


Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
31 Caroline St N
Waterloo, Ontario

Dress Code:

Business Casual


The bus will depart for the Perimeter Institute from Fairview Mall (near Don Mills Station and Sheppard where the subway station pickup parking lot is) at 7:00 AM. It will arrive back at approximately 8:00 PM.


Provided by the Black Hole Bistro


Competitors’ fees were included in their registration cost. Accompanying non-competitors are required to pay $15 if they wish to take the bus and/or $10 for lunch.


Tentative Schedule

Time (EST) Event Location
7:00 AM Bus Departure from Toronto Fairview Mall
1800 Sheppard Ave E,
North York, ON M2J 5A7
8:30 AM Arrival at Perimeter Institute PI Parking Lot
8:45 AM Team Registration
Team Number Selection
9:00 AM Opening Remarks
Juror Orientation
9:15 AM Round 1
Teams 1, 2, 3, 4
PF 1

Bob Room 4th Floor
10:20 AM PF 2
11:35 AM PF 3
12:30 PM Lunch
Afternoon Juror Orientation
1:30 PM PF 4 Bob Room 4th Floor
2:40 PM PI Facility Tour
Group Photo
3:30 PM Final – Group A
Team 1, 2
PF 1
Final – Group B
Teams 3, 4
PF 1
Group A:
Bob Room 4th Floor
Group B:
Space Room 4th Floor
4:30 PM PF 2 PF 2
5:40 PM Break
5:45 PM Awards Ceremony
Closing Remarks
6:15 PM Load Bus PI Parking Lot
6:30 PM Bus Departure from Waterloo
(Light snack provided on the bus ride)
PI Parking Lot
8:00 PM Arrival at Toronto Fairview Mall


Role Rotations

4 Teams Group

Team PF 1 PF 2 PF 3 PF 4
1 Reporter Observer Reviewer Opponent
2 Opponent Reporter Observer Reviewer
3 Reviewer Opponent Reporter Observer
4 Observer Reviewer Opponent Reporter


2 Teams Group

Team PF 1 PF 2
1 Reporter Opponent
2 Opponent Reporter



Team numbers are selected randomly from a hat at the beginning of the competition. They cannot be changed throughout the competition for any reason. Due to the last minute change that one team has dropped out, our schedule has changed slightly. For the round 1, we will use the regular 4 teams group PF format where there will be reporter, opponent, reviewer and observer to decrease standard deviation. The final round each team gets to choose their own question to present given that the question has not being presented by the team before. In the case where 2 teams choose the same questions to present, then the priority will be given to the team with higher TSP. There will be no reviewer for the final round. Team Canada will be chosen based on the overall TSP from both the Regionals and the Nationals.


Nationals Results

The final scores were extremely close; there will be a rematch in order to determine Team Canada for IYPT. Congratulations to teams Higgs Boson and UTS! See the spreadsheets for all of the scores and calculations below:


Rematch Announcement:

After careful examination on all the marks given by the judges and consulting with IYPT to interpret some of the rules, the official scores for CaYPT is 136.6, 136.6, 103.2 and 71.2. In order to best select team Canada for IYPT, Stem Fellowship will be organising another rematch between the top 2 teams on Friday, Apr. 27th 2018. Currently, the location is set to be at University of Toronto.

There will be another 4 PFs (involving only reporter and opponent) where each team will select 2 out of the 6 problems that they have not presented in the Regional and Nationals. Each team can not present problems that have been presented by themselves before or problems that has been presented in any of the 4 PFs on the day of. Essentially, SF would like to see four different reports in the rematch to best judge which team should represent Canada for the upcoming IYPT 2018 in Beijing. Furthermore, for the 4 PFs during the rematch, there needs to be at least 3 team members from each team to be on the stage for the rematch and no team member can report twice. (Please note that for this rematch, we thank all parents for their interest and enthusiasm in this event; however, we will not allow parents/relatives or any other unrelated personal as observer.)

The order of the presenting sequence will be based on a draw to assign team number to each team. The presenting sequence will be the following:

Reporting Sequence based on team number:
1. Team 1
2. Team 2
3. Team 2
4. Team 1


Please, email to reply on whether the team accept the rematch or not by Thursday, Apr. 19th 2018 at 2pm EST. The teams which reject the rematch will not be considered for the team Canada position.


Rematch Results

Congratulations to team Higgs Boson for winning the rematch and proceeding to represent Team Canada at IYPT 2018!