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Regional Competition Details


There will be a short orientation for how the competition will run on the day of. Please review the Stages of Physics Fights Make sure your Reporter presentations are MAXIMUM 12 minutes. This schedule is very strict and you will be cut off when your time is done.
The groups that you will compete against have been randomly selected and are available on the schedule, along with the circulation of roles within your group.

Final Round:
The Finalists will be based on the total Sum of Points from Round 1. Only the top three scoring teams will make it to the Final Round. In case of a tie, there will be a short (20 – 30 min) PF between the two teams to compete for the spot in the Finals. The order of roles will be randomized. If you do not make it to the Finals, you are not required to stay for the full duration of the competition. However, it is encouraged that you watch the Final Round and be present at the Award Ceremony.

Parking is available on the streets around the building (St. George St, Huron St). You may find Huron St. to be easier to park. The prices are mostly $10 on weekends. In addition, there is a parking garage in the basement of the McLennan Physical Laboratories (MP), where they charge a flat fee of $10 on weekends. Please refer to for more details.

If you are taking the transit, there are three ways you can get to the McLennan Physical Laboratories (MP).
1) Take 510 streetcar from Spadina Station down to Willcocks St, walk one block to the west to Huron St. The building will be few steps south to the left.
2) Take Line 1 to Queens Park Station and take the north-west exit. Walk east to St. George St and walk north past Russell St. The building will be on the left.
3) From St. George Station (St. George exit), walk straight down on St. George St past Harbord St and Willcocks St. The building will be on the right.

Dress Code:

Business Casual (collared shirts for males, and collared shirts or blouses for females). Suits, ties and dresses are not a requirement and up to the participant.

The lunch was included in the registration fee, and will take place in the Graduate Lounge (MP111). However, if there are guests/visitors observing the competition, the lunch will cost $5 for guests, and will be first come first serve. Due to limited amount of servings ordered, the guests must wait until every participating members have received their meal to ensure those who have paid get their meals. We have not received any dietary concerns as response to our previous emails. The order for the lunch have already been placed. If you have any dietary restrictions, you are more than welcome to bring your own lunch, or grab something quick nearby. You will be able to find almost any restaurant (Starbucks, Subway, Tim Hortons, and many Chinese restaurants) along College and Spadina (China Town), which is a short 5 minute walk from the MP. Keep in mind that lunch is only 40 minutes and you must be back at the building by 1:00 PM sharp. We recommend that you do not go to a sit-down restaurant.

Lab Tours:
There will be a brief (20 – 30 min) tour of the Teaching Labs following lunch as provided by Professor Bailey. The tours will be split up into 3 groups. These groups are the groups indicated in the schedule. Unfortunately, for logistical purposes, you may not opt out on the tour.

Regardless of the results of the Regionals, every participating team is invited to join us at the Nationals, on April 14th, 2018 at Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Waterloo, ON. The selection of the National Team to represent Canada at the 2018 IYPT will be based on the Total Sum of Points, from both the Regionals and the Nationals. The registration fee for the Nationals will be $100/team, and will again cover lunch for each member. There will be a short registration session in the front lobby at the MP following the Award Ceremony. You may pay in person then, or online/cheque. The registration for the Nationals will open soon after Feb. 10.

Missing Members:

It often so happens that a team member cannot make it to the competition due to a conflict (health, emergency, etc). In this case, the missing team member can make a video recording of their 12 minute presentation. When the Opponent challenges the team to a question that the missing member was supposed to Report, they can play this recording, and the present members can answer all the questions in the different stages of the PF. This means that the present members must understand the experiment and the theory very well.
If this complication arises, please email us to let us know who will be missing and why they will not be present at the competition. We will take this into consideration during the competition.


In any case, please have your presentation slides available on a USB drive or a personal laptop, and make sure that you have the required cables to connect to the projectors in the rooms.
The live update of the competition will be available here, including the most recent version of the schedule. If there are any changes to the schedule during the day of the competition, this is the first place to check.



Time (EST) Event Location
8:00 AM Doors Open McLennan Physical Laboratories (MP)
60 St. George Street
8:15 – 8:45 AM Registration Lobby
8:45 – 9:00 AM Opening Remarks MP102
9:00 – 9:10 AM First Round Setup
Group A: Teams 1 – 3
roup B: Teams 4 – 7
roup C: Teams 8 – 11
Assigned Locations:
roup A – MP102
roup B – MP103
roup C – MP137
9:10 – 10:10 AM First Round PF 1 Assigned Locations
10:15 – 11:15 AM First Round PF 2 Assigned Locations
11:20 – 12:20 PM First Round PF 3 Assigned Locations
12:20 – 1:00 PM Lunch Grad Lounge MP110
1:00 – 1:40 PM Teaching Lab Tours MP Laboratories
1:45 – 2:45 PM First Round PF 4 Assigned Locations
2:45 – 2:55 PM Intermission: Announcement of Finalists MP102
3:00 – 4:00 PM Final Round PF 1 MP102
4:05 – 5:05 PM Final Round PF 2 MP102
5:10 – 6:10 PM Final Round PF 3 MP102
6:10 – 6:30 PM Awards Ceremony and Closing Remarks MP102


First Round Roles

Group A

Team PF 1 PF 2 PF 3
1 Reporter Reviewer Opponent
2 Opponent Reporter Reviewer
3 Reviewer Opponent Reporter


Group B and C

Team PF 1 PF 2 PF 3 PF 4
5, 9 Reporter Observer Reviewer Opponent
6, 10 Opponent Reporter Observer Reviewer
7, 11 Reviewer Opponent Reporter Observer
8, 12 Observer Reviewer Opponent Reporter


Final Round Roles


Team PF 1 PF 2 PF 3
A Reporter Reviewer Opponent
B Opponent Reporter Reviewer
C Reviewer Opponent Reporter


Team A: Team with the highest Sum of Points (SP); priority in selection of reporting problem.
Team B: Team with the second highest SP; second priority in selection of reporting problem.
Team C: Team with the third highest SP; least priority in selection of reporting problem.



See the spreadsheets for all of the scores and calculations below:


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