Conferences and Professional Development

STEM Fellowship, and the STEM Fellowship Journal, value our team members as our greatest assets. As such, we are committed to their continual growth and professional development. STEM Fellowship actively encourages members of the STEM Fellowship Journal Editorial Board to attend conferences worldwide to stay up to date on the most recent advances in editorial practices and engage with the wider editorial and scholarly publishing community. In addition, attendance at conferences helps increase STEM Fellowship’s presence within the broader scientific community and helps build new networks with students and professionals. STEM Fellowship works with their partners and sponsors to ensure equal opportunity for all members of their team to travel and learn.

Some of the conferences STEM Fellowship team members have participated in include:

Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Annual Meeting [Boston, MA, June 2017]
In attendance: Jerry Liu

New York Academy of Sciences Bicentennial Celebration Event [New York, U.S., May 2017]
In attendance: Mohammad Asadi Lari

Canadian Association of Learned Journals (CALJ) [Toronto, May 2017]
In attendance: Samuel Chan, Jayneel Limbachia, Farah Qaiser, Mohammad Asadi Lari

American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting [Boston, MA, February 2017]
In attendance: Kelvin Ng

ORCID Annual Outreach Meeting  [Washington, DC, October 2016]
In attendance: Mohammad Asadi Lari

Association of Learned and Applied Scholarly Publications [London, UK, September 2016]
In attendance: Dr. Sacha Noukhovitch

Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) Annual Meeting [Vancouver, June 2016]
In attendance: Mohammad Asadi Lari

Council of Science Editors (CSE) Annual Meeting [Denver, May 2016]
In attendance: Rahul Arora, Mohammad Asadi Lari


National Youth Leadership and Innovation Strategy Summit [Toronto, April 2016]
In attendance: Nikki Sigurdson, Mohammad Asadi Lari

If you would like to learn more or have any questions, please contact Kelvin (STEM Fellowship lead for professional development) at