The Association of Student-Run Journals

Today, student-run academic journals that publish high school, undergraduate and graduate scholarly research are a growing trend in the field of scholarly publishing. However, such student-run journals face multiple obstacles, such as securing peer-reviewers, attracting manuscript submissions and transitioning between editorial boards every year.

With these troubles in mind, the STEM Fellowship Journal’s student editorial board is preparing to launch the Association of Student-Run Journals. This association will combine the resources and knowledge of dozens of student-run journals established throughout North America. Through this initiative, the association plans to centralize information for student researchers, provide standardized training for young editors, hold networking events, workshops, and develop mentorship programs. Students, journals and even established professional organizations across North America – and the world – will benefit from this robust network of journals.

By creating an association of student-run academic journals across North America, we are pooling our shared resources, knowledge and ideas, and thus hope to increase the credibility of student-run academic journals and encourage more students to explore the field of scholarly publishing and research.


We are currently reaching out to multiple student-run journals with an invitation to join the Association of Student-Run Journals, as we truly believe that an association would strongly benefit all involved parties, and hope that we can both see positive results over the long term. If you are interested in exploring the idea of such a collaboration, or want to learn more, please send an email to Niki (the STEM Fellowship lead for this association). Additionally, you can fill out this survey (Journal Outreach Project-Collaborative Survey) and we will be in touch with you!