Become a STEM Fellow

An individual membership certifies an individual as a STEM Fellow, allowing one to partake in a community of next-generation researchers and digital learners. This designation comes with access and opportunity to participate in STEM Fellowship’s contests, workshops, peer-mentorship network, and internship programs.

Some of the perks of fellowship include:

1. Interaction with STEM Fellows, branch-specific committees, and overall executive body network via. member-only Slack forum and online memberships platform, Kynplex

2. Special invitations to, and discounts on, STEM Fellowship academic challenges, competitions, and workshops

3. Members will receive discounts for events hosted at universities, and resources for each workshop (eg. access to filmed videos of workshops, webinars)

4. Special invitation to Big Data Challenge and Scholarly Writing workshops

5. Subscription to STEM Fellowship Journal where members will be automatically notified of new publications, and will have the opportunity to interact with the Student Editorial Board (SEB)

6. Bi-weekly newsletters with news and information on upcoming competitions, mentorship/internship programs, and more opportunities to be featured in STEM Fellowship Social Media platforms

7. Scheduled members-only regional events to discuss upcoming opportunities (eg. research, mentorship)


Please pay the individual membership through the subscribe button and fill out the form below. For any questions and/or concerns, please contact