Our Sponsors

Canadian Science Publishing: The publisher of STEM Fellowship Journal and sponsor of the scholarly writing challenge and scholarly writing workshops.




Canadian Science Publishing is an independent, not-for-profit scholarly publisher dedicated to serving the needs of researchers and their communities.




Altmetric: Provider of an Altmetric badge to the STEM Fellowship Journal and sponsoring the Big Data Challenge with Altmetirc Data Access and Altmetric Student Prize.




Altmetric is a Digital Science company whose mission is to track and analyse the online activity around scholarly research outputs.





SciNet UofT: Academic sponsor of STEM Fellowship data science education and the Big Data Challenge.




SciNet is Canada’s largest supercomputer centre, providing Canadian researchers with computational resources and expertise necessary to perform their research on scales not previously possible in Canada.




SAS Canada: The host of the Big Data Challenge finals and sponsor of the scholarship prize that provides data science education curriculum and certification for STEM Fellows.




Through innovation analytics, business intelligence, and data management software and services, SAS helps customers at more than 75, 000 sites make better decisions faster.




IBM Big Data University: Learning material and monetary sponsor of the Big Data Challenge and the IBM student prize.




Big Data University is an IBM community initiative focused on providing opportunities to learn the fundamental concepts required to develop, process, and analyze big data and break down the traditional barriers to participation in this sector.





Digital Science



Digital Science is a technology company serving the needs of scientific research.

We provide software that makes the research process simpler and more efficient so that everyone can work smart and discover more. We believe passionately that tomorrow’s research will be different and better than today’s.