Our People


A group of distinguished individuals from different fields that oversee the corporate affairs of SF as a non-profit.


The committee that oversees all of STEM Fellowship’s operations and finalizes all strategic decisions for the organization.


Advisors offer guidance to teams within SF on strategic planning, program development and outreach, based on their unique skills and expertise.


The committee that oversees SF’s branding, social media platforms, media relations and the newsletter.


Targeting populations who are underrepresented in STEM fields through experiential learning and mentorship.


The team responsible for updating, debugging, and maintaining this awesome website and server.

Human Resources

The team that leads SF’s recruitment process, member orientation, engagement process, and database.

Science Communication Team

The team that coordinates SF’s Science Communication initiatives, such as the STEM Fellowship Journal, Scholarly Writing Challenge and Science Communication Workshops.

Partnerships & Sponsors

The team that establishes relationships between SF and potential partners.


Stem Fellowship’s university branches, located across Canada.


The committee organizes the Canadian Young Physicists’ Tournament.

Data Science

The organizers of Stem Fellowship’s Big Data Challenge.


The people who promote STEM Fellowship in their local communities.