Position Descriptions

Executive Applications can be found here: http://stemfellowship.org/join-us/

Why become an executive?
By becoming a STEM Fellowship executive, you will be joining a fast-growing organization that strives to provide students with different backgrounds valuable learning opportunities and tools within STEM fields. We currently have more than 110 student executives, editors, ambassadors and campus representatives. What we do is not only unique in Canada, but in some ways unique on a global level.

From the level of professionalism in our journal, our Big Data Challenge, our relationships with numerous sponsors, partners and societies, there are innumerable aspects that make your time with STEM Fellowship worth its while. We have some of the best student leaders in Canada involved in organizing our events, in addition to representing us at various conferences and society gatherings. STEM Fellowship executives would see themselves on a path of promotion to higher levels within the organization. We also encourage creativity among our executives in what their roles would encompass as we are constantly looking for new programs to further develop our mission, expand our partnerships, and gain further support.

Applicants don’t have to be in STEM programs to apply; we have many leading executives who are studying in other fields. Our focus is ultimately on developing a network for students to share their understanding and experience, and the tools that we provide to students are of an interdisciplinary nature. We highly encourage everyone who is passionate about changing educational paradigms and providing more opportunities to students, especially those who are traditionally underrepresented within STEM fields, to apply for open positions.

Executives also receive complimentary STEM Fellowship membership and will be able to benefit from the resources provided to STEM Fellows for free. This is alongside access to a wealth of connections that span across Canada’s borders.

What do we look for in executives?
In order of importance: passion, commitment and experience. It is vital that applicants be passionate about what STEM Fellowship is embarking on. It is also critical that they can commit to the expectations that are required. Depending on the role, the time expectations may be between 2-6 hours/week. Plan ahead and consider your other commitments. From experience, students who see STEM Fellowship as simply “another” extracurricular activity neither serve themselves nor the organization as they should. It is of vital importance that applicants see their goals aligned with the direction of the organization and make clear what they have to offer. This is where experience comes in, especially for higher level roles (team lead, student editorial board and director level).

How does recruitment work?
Once the application form is submitted alongside your recent resume (and for some positions a writing sample is required), it is reviewed by our Human Resources (HR) team. Following initial screening for qualifications, it is sent to one of our committees depending on the applicant’s listed priorities, the availability of open positions, and initial assessment by HR. If the applicant is deemed suitable, they will be contacted for an online or in-person interview. There may be members from Steering Committee or HR present at the interview alongside members from that committee. Should applicants be contacted for an interview, more details will be sent directly.

Successful applicants would go through a standard executive introduction and will then be connected to their committee by HR to start their work. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Initial recruitment will begin with applicants who have submitted their applications by June 30, 2017 with a second round of consideration for applicants who submitted their applications by July 16, 2017 but the application will remain open for positions until we find suitable candidates, especially for University representatives.

Please bear in mind that Student Editorial Board (SEB), High School Ambassador and executive recruitment is conducted separately.

Please read the descriptions for each position carefully. Make sure to address the qualifications expected for each position in your application and make the case for your consideration. In addition, do take the time to go through our website and learn about both what we do and how our organization is structured before filling out your application.


University Branches Committee
University Branch Head: Acts as the founder and president of a STEM Fellowship club at the respective university. Their duties include, but are not limited to:
-Establishing a fully constituted university level club
-Attaining sponsorship/partnerships
-Holding events that are unique and designed by STEM Fellowship, like the Scholarly Writing Workshop
-Brainstorming new events that fits the needs of their respective university
-Communicating and reporting to the Director of the Branch Committee, who oversees the communication and expansion of university clubs in Canada.

Primary Campus Focuses:
McGill University
University of Ottawa
Carleton University
Wilfrid Laurier
Simon Fraser University
Ryerson University
York University
Secondary Campus Focuses:
University of Saskatchewan
University of Manitoba
Memorial University
University of New Brunswick
University of Prince Edward Island
University of Guelph
Concordia University
Tertiary Campus Focuses:
University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC)
Trent University
University of Windsor
Universite Laval
University of Regina
Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal
University of Winnipeg
University of Lethbridge


Membership Committee:
The memberships committee is charged with overseeing the STEM Fellowship membership program, both at the individual and institutional level. Applicants are expected to have a grasp of STEM Fellowship’s programs, in addition to what membership in a student drive network such as SF would look like. Members of this committee would be given tasks by the committee chair to work on different aspects of the membership program; some would work closely with the Marketing Committee, while others would work with other STEM Fellowship committees to help strengthen the membership package. There is a lot of room for creativity for members in this committee and we aim to have applicants from diverse backgrounds in order to cultivate a robust and all-encompassing memberships program. Strong commitment and initiative, productive teamwork, and efficient communication skills are assets in the positions detailed below.

Committee Lead: (Considered for promotion to STEM Fellowship Director Level): Leads committee meetings, oversees the activity of the team, and reports to the Director.
Associate Lead (Considered for promotion to Associate Director Level): Represents committee lead in case of absence, second-in-command of committee, and splits responsibilities with committee lead
Branches Membership Liason: These executives will work with the university branches committee and director, focus on individual STEM Fellowship memberships, and assure a smooth coordination with the university branches.
Ambassador Membership Liason: These executives will work with the outreach committee and ambassador program, focus on institutional STEM Fellowship memberships, and coordinate the work of ambassador-led school chapters with memberships benefits.
Human Resources (HR) Liaison: The executive will work with Human Resources to help with HR-needed data gathering from our memberships network, and will assist with HR required duties for the memberships committee.
Technical Officer and Database Management: These executives will help maintain the technicalities of the STEM Fellowship memberships online system and will be in charge of coordinating matters on the STEM Fellowship membership platform (Kynplex).


The STEMpowerment committee organizes SF’s mentorship and internships programs. The aim of this branch within STEM Fellowship is to provide more opportunities to students, with a focus on marginalized student groups that are traditionally underrepresented within STEM discourse. If you are dedicated to equal opportunities for students, consider applying for the following positions:

Associate Team LeadCoordinate with the Scholarly Writing Challenge Team Lead to oversee all aspects of the challenge and ensure its successful execution
Outreach CoordinatorReach out to various outreach collaborators mentioned below, working with SF ambassadors, and contacting teachers/school administrators to spread the word about the challenge


Scholarly Writing Challenge
French SWC DirectorTranslate all of the SWC online materials and documents to French and also work with the outreach coordinator to expand outreach in Quebec and other French speaking areas
SWC Social Media and Email CoordinatorManage the submissions email, answer questions about the challenge and coordinate with the social media director to write SWC social media posts


Marketing Committee:
Social Media Platform Managers: looking for driven individuals who are interested in helping promote our message of scholarly writing and innovation as part of our Social Media/Marketing team. We are looking for two social media platform managers to help maintain and expand our online presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. If you are proficient with social media and are interested in helping promote education and networking in youth, this role might interest you.


Sponsorship, Grants and Finance Committee:
Sponsorships Team Member: Working on updating the sponsorships package, searching for potential sponsors and reaching out to support specific STEM Fellowship initiatives. Previous experience in fundraising in for events is an asset. Given the calibre of some of our current sponsors (Canadian Science Publishing, IBM, SAS, Microsoft, Digital Science), a high degree of professionalism in communication is expected. Executives on this committee would be making highly valued corporate connections. Applicants studying outside of STEM fields are highly encouraged to apply for this committee.


Partnerships Team Member:
Strategic Partnerships Coordinator: Assists the Partnerships Team Lead in locating potential strategic partners that can help in the organization of events. Will also manage current institutional and corporate partnerships. The applicants for this positions is expected to have a good grasp of STEM Fellowship’s strategic visions and a strong background in communications. This position would also require the applicant to have insight on potential collaborators outside Canada. Applicants are expected to be current university students.
Ambassador Liaison: Applicants for this position will work within the partnerships team with the STEM Fellowship Ambassadors Team to develop partnerships with high school student-run organizations inside and outside Canada. Applicants are expected to be current high school students.


Human Resources:
University Branches HR coordinator: Assisting the University Branch team lead in applicant recruitment, orientation of new members, and maintenance of the team. Will be the building bridge between the HR team and the University Branches. Must be communicative, effective, and responsible for different tasks. Must be able to follow up with branch executives on a regular basis and communicate well  within the team.
Applications and Recruitment Officers: Assisting the HR Team Lead with applicant recruitment and orientation. Intake new applications and sending them to their respective committee leads. Should be well organized and send orientation emails to new members on time.
HR Data Base Collection and Maintenance Officers: Will assist in collecting data from all current executives, ambassadors and members of STEM Fellowship. Must be well-oriented and work well with excel and other required platforms for data collection.
Ambassador HR: Assisting the Ambassador Program Director in: setting up interview times with regional leads, adding and removing people from the Facebook group when they either join or leave the program, tracking applicants and ambassador activity, sending out warning and termination emails, creating a database from all current ambassadors, and performing other administrative tasks.
Design Team Member: As a design team member, you will be responsible for creating graphics to brand, represent and market STEM Fellowship, including but not limited to cover pages, packages, brochures and presentation designs. As design projects emerge at irregular times, understand that workload is not divided, but something that you take upon yourself. Taking leadership and developing your skills in graphic design will not only improve your ability as a design team member, but also give you more flexibility in times when you are unavailable. You must also be willing to work with a wide variety of people, as you will not only be collaborating with other design team members on larger projects, but also working with other teams to design visuals for their work. In terms of software:

– Canva (familiarity with it or at willingness to use it) is a must, but you should not be relying on the usage of templates for your work.

– Photoshop or Adobe is a huge asset, but definitely not required! If you do have this skill, you are not required to rely only on these software.


Data Science Education:
Data Science Team Member: The Data Science Team currently organizes the Big Data Challenge, and is looking for passionate applicants who can assist in organizing the challenge as well as developing the Data Science Education program further. Applicants are not required to have a strict computer science background, but must have both 1) significant familiarity with one or more of R, Python, or SAS in performing analyses, and 2) experience working on at least one full data science-related project with one or more of those tools. Due to the calibre of our data science industry partners (SAS, IBM) applicants are also expected to have robust communication and writing skills, and exhibit a high level of professionalism in correspondence. As the Data Science Education program continues to grow, there is much room for creativity and innovation from successful applicants in further developing pedagogical approaches to data science.


Internship Team
Outreach Coordinator
Work with both Mentorships and Internships programs under the STEMpowerment committee (see website for program descriptions)
Aid in expansion through contact including but not limited to community organizations, university labs, university departments, and high schools
Have input in shaping the future of our programs and strengthening our networks

Strong communications skills
Passionate about experiential learning
Experience with outreach an asset

Monthly committee meetings, weekly reports and feedback
Writing and sending emails, social media and website posts, and other documents
Utilizing personal and professional networks to find new opportunities for STEMpowerment
Work closely with partnerships team of STEM Fellowship


Web Development Team:
The web development team is responsible for updating and maintaining the content and aesthetics of the website.
HTML Programer
CSS Programer
Graphic Designer