Position Descriptions

New Postings

Data Science Education

  • Data Science Executive (3-5)

 Those who will help with the organisational aspect (limited knowledge of data science needed in Python/R/SAS performing analyses)- if interested, STEM Fellowship can provide mentorship to students to expand their knowledge in Data Science

  • Translator (1)

An English to French translator who would be involved with translating our documents into French to broaden our outreach, opening up opportunities to involve more students for future Challenges.


CaYPT Committee

  • Team Lead (1)

Overlooks all aspects of CaYPT and members of the team. Main contact for IYPT.

  • Logistics (1)

Organizes the logistical aspects of a CaYPT event, including refreshments/meals, volunteers, transportation, venue, required materials, etc.

  • Treasurer (1)

Takes care of the financial aspects of CaYPT.

  • Communications (1)

Contacting existing or possible partners, including Perimeter Institute, U of T, as well as participating high schools and teachers.

Design Team

  • Design Team Member (2)

You will be responsible for creating graphics to brand, represent and market STEM Fellowship, including but not limited to cover pages, packages, brochures and presentation designs.

Software requirements:

Canva (familiarity with it or a willingness to use it) is a must, but you should not be relying on the usage of templates for your work.

Photoshop or Adobe is a huge asset, but definitely not required! If you do have this skill, you are not required to rely only on these software.

Human Resources

  • University Branches HR

Assisting the University Branch team lead in applicant recruitment, orientation of new members, and maintenance of the team. Must be communicative, effective, and responsible for different tasks. Must be able to follow up with branch executives on a regular basis and communicate well  within the team.

  • HR Team Member

Assisting the HR Team Lead with various Human Resources admin work, projects, and initiatives. Must be comfortable with handling large database, have strong communication skills, be well-oriented and work well with excel and other required platforms for data collection.

Internships/STEMpowerment Team

  • Mentorship Coordinators (2)
    1. Liaise with mentorship lead
    2. Facilitate mentor/mentee engagement
    3. Help mentorship lead with matching and follow up
    4. Promote the program through social media and other online platforms
    5. Maintain relationships with SF’s partner organizations to promote the program
  • Indigenous Hackathon Coordinator
    1. Assist with seeking and maintaining partnerships related to the event
    2. Coordinate event logistics
    3. Must be in the Vancouver lower mainland area
  • Webinar Coordinator
    1. Develop content for webinars
    2. Coordinate promotion through social media
    3. Approach and liaise with potential panellists/speakers

Memberships Team

The memberships committee is charged with overseeing the STEM Fellowship membership program, both at the individual and institutional level. Applicants are expected to have a grasp of STEM Fellowship’s programs, in addition to what membership in a student drive network such as SF would look like.

  • Community Development Officers (2-4)

Individual(s) in this position are responsible for creating and sustaining an online memberships platform to connect and engage our members, not only with each other but with SF executives and the world of science. Creativity, initiative, and passion to create an SF community are what this position really calls for.

  • Memberships Human Resources Liaison (1)

Organization, initiative, and communication are crucial aspects for this role. This individual is responsible for tracking memberships, connecting with SF-associated members with pertinent details, connecting liaisons with respective schools, and ensuring that communication across all individuals is clear. Responsibilities and duties associated can extend beyond what is described.

Partnership Team

  • Partners and External Outreach Coordinator

The Partners and External Outreach Coordinator is responsible for initiating, managing, and participating in discussions with current and future potential partners, which may include federal, international, regional and/or provincial community programs, organizations, and/or key individuals (for example, Members of Parliament).

  • Internal Outreach Coordinator

The Internal Outreach Coordinator is responsible for maintaining close relations with relevant internal STEM Fellowship committees (eg. Marketing, Branches) and with our campus branches across Canada in order to synchronize partnerships efforts and take advantage of campus opportunities and networks.

  • Strategic Outreach Analyst

The Strategic Outreach Analyst is responsible for conducting research on potential partners on a local, national, and international scale, along with managing and seeking events and/or programs that STEM Fellowship can make an appearance at (eg. keynote speaking at conferences of our programs, booths at science events, etc.) that will be of benefit towards the promotion of STEM Fellowship and shows potential as possible future partners.

  • Sponsorships Coordinator

The Sponsorships Coordinator is responsible for initiating, managing, and participating in discussions with current and future potential sponsors, which may include federal, international, and/or regional companies and/or key individuals, as well as preparing a sponsorship package and other relevant documentation.

Sponsorship, Grants, and Finance Committee

  • Grants Team Member (1)

Research, write and edit applications for funding opportunities. Coordinate application details with other members of SF.


  1. A strong writer
  2. Organized
  3. Excited about SF and with a good understanding of our various initiatives, such that they can come up with ideas on how to best communicate what we do in grant applications

STEM Fellowship Journal

  • Layout Editor

Preparing manuscripts for publication. You will likely have to prepare 1-2 manuscripts per month. The only requirement for this role is to be familiar AND have access to Adobe InDesign.

  • Type-setter

 As a Type-setter, you would be responsible for ensuring the manuscript meets the structure and layout of the journal. While there are no skills or credentials required for this position, it is ideal if you have experience using Adobe Indesign and have access to it on your personal computer or through a university.

Feel free to email Jayneel (the Student Editorial Board Director) at jayneel.limbachia@stemfellowship.ca if you have any further questions. To apply, please send your CV directly to jayneel.limbachia@stemfellowship.ca.