Sponsorships, Grants and Finance Committee

Being a non-profit, student-led organization, STEM Fellowship relies on sponsors that wish to support our cause and the students that want to achieve more with SF (support our mission in providing enriching learning experiences to students through our numerous events and journal publishing.). As such, SF’s Sponsorships, Grants and Finances Committee is dedicated to finding potential sponsors as well as applying to various grants that could help finance the students’ writings, competitions and various programs SF offers. While not being directly involved with the students that SF supports, the SGF team is essential to their success and further discovery of opportunities in STEM fields.


The SGF team was able to secure funding for STEM Fellowship programs with important companies, such as IBM with its support of the Big Data Challenge; Canadian Science Publishing, helping our scholarly writing publications; and other companies like SciNet, SAS and Altmetric, allowing us to send our students to national and international competitions and organize events such as the Big Data Challenge.