STEM Fellowship Journal

The STEM Fellowship Journal (SFJ) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal which publishes interdisciplinary STEM research conducted by first time high school and undergraduate authors. Our journal is a unique platform for presenting student research from all over the world and serves as the flagship for the Scholarly Writing & Communications division at STEM Fellowship. Please visit the journal website for more information.

SFJ is a client of Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) – in fact, it is the only journal published by CSP which is dedicated to students in high school and university.


STEM Fellowship Journal’s Student Editorial Board

The SFJ is headed by the editor-in-chief, and founder of both SFJ and STEM Fellowship, Dr. Sacha Noukhovitch, along with a student editorial board, consisting of dedicated and exceptional high school and undergraduate students, with strong backgrounds in both scientific writing, editing and communication. SFJ strives to maintain a group of talented and diverse students. The current composition includes students from around Canada as well as from Iran, Russia and Pakistan.

The student editorial board are the primary reviewers of SFJ submissions, working closely with leading research scientists, teachers, and student-authors from around the world. Upon manuscript submission, a member of the SFJ’s student editorial board will review the manuscript. When satisfied that it meets the requirements of publication in SFJ, it is sent for peer review by a professional in that discipline.

SFJ student editors are closely associated with the scholarly publication community and follow the standards of academic publication. They maintain professional contact with leading scholarly publishing societies while also reaching out to various scientific institutions on behalf of SFJ. Each editorial board member maintains a leadership role alongside their editorial duties. This may include special projects for STEM Fellowship and/or SFJ, or overseeing aspects of the editorial and publishing process.

New members are accepted after interviews by board members on the decision of the board director and after consultations with board members. The actions of the board are coordinated with the editor in chief of SFJ through the director of the board.

As of right now, the student editorial board is not accepting any new members.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments to share, please email the two co-directors of the STEM Fellowship Journal’s student editorial board: Mohammad Asadi Lari and Farah Qaiser.