UCalgary Branch

University of Calgary Branch


Constituted January 2017

Past events:

Scholarly Writing Workshop: Introduction to Scholarly Writing (March 2017)

Our workshop sought to teach undergraduate students the techniques and technologies relevant to scholarly writing. Guest presentation by Dr. Sean Dukelow, a researcher in neuroscience at the university, on his advice for scholarly writing and involvement in undergraduate-level research.

Waffle Networking Social (April 2017)

Attendees of our networking event had the opportunity to hear from a panel of undergraduate student speakers who discussed their involvement in areas including research (on post-concussion rehabilitation, intracellular infections, water scarcity and quality in Tanzania and more) as well as banking technologies, the Solar Car Team  and tips for success in university.

Introduction to Research Workshop (Sept 2017)

STEM Fellowship executives who are involved in research gave a presentation on how to seek out research opportunities and apply for funding, what to expect when working in a lab and general advice for success in research. Students were also able gain exposure to various types of STEM research conducted at the university and learn from the personal experience of students in a variety of fields through a Q&A Panel of upper year-undergraduate and graduate students.

Upcoming initiatives:


Scholarly Writing Workshop: Editing 101 (Jan 2018)

Our workshop will teach students skills that are essential to editing scientific writing  such as identifying problems with flow, transition, organization, sentence length and word choice to increase the clarity of writing. In addition, students will learn use various online tools including Overleaf and Mendeley that aid in managing different aspects of scholarly writing and editing.

High School Internships (March 2018)

Our internship program allows high school students from communities underrepresented in STEM pursuits to conduct research in labs at the U of C under the supervision of graduate students. Participants will have the opportunity to explore possible career opportunities while gaining exposure to the various fields of research undertaken at the university. This also provides mentorship opportunities for graduate students who would be interested in hosting high school students in their lab.

Our team: 

President – Hannah Rahim (hannah.rahim@stemfellowship.org)

VP Internal – Monica Ghebrial

VP Scholarly Writing – Claire Donnici

Treasurer – Morgan Young-Speirs

VP Events – Ruth Legese

VP External – Catharine Bowman

VP Communications – Katherine Liu

Faculty representatives –  Kate Nuique (Medicine), Maliyat Noor (Engineering), Jaskaran Grewal (Science), Fazeela Mulji (Kinesiology)  

Events sub-committee: Elizabeth Dayo, Heide Adham

Executive team application: https://goo.gl/forms/3nMtjJ0Jq0bm5gd82


Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/UofCSTEMFellowship/

Email: stemfellowshipucalgary@gmail.com