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Peter Marmon

August 26, 2019at 7:39 pm

Hello Hanna
The STEM Fellowship is connected to many organizations and sponsors.

I think we can help each other. I represent a producer planning a 24 episode documentary style video series called “Girls Build the Future” on young girls telling their stories about getting into a career in STEM.

Imagine video episodes produced around STEM Fellowship initiatives, imagine your sponsors having videos done on the girls they are sponsoring in your programs; or on interns at their labs, and imagine each episode reaching 2 million targeted young girls. Reaching young girls before university, reaching them through listening to their peers in social media where this audience now absorbs their media and reaching them directly in schools, and having a follow up web site that these girls can go to for STEM career information. This is a huge media marketing opportunity to reach millions of you girls.

Can you find a few minutes to schedule a quick introductory call to discuss how we can help each other? I am available most Mondays and Wednesdays.

Peter Marmon

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