One of the most expanding career fields is STEM. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. From advances in the medical sciences, to building the first aircraft, STEM fields have shaped our society as we know it today. For this reason, it is crucial to learn more about these career fields! 

Over time, there has been an incidence of young individuals interested in STEM. Due to the Internet, the STEM community has been able to grow through a digital space. Ranging from Youtube videos to online group chats, people interested in this topic have been presented with  the opportunity to connect beyond multiple barriers. 

Podcasts are a prominent feature of this globalized space; one which is interconnected and expansive. There are several STEM podcasts that have allowed more people to become interested in this career field. If you are in a STEM-related program, or are a fan of STEM topics, here are 5 of the best STEM podcasts based on my opinion


1. Science Vs

Science Vs is hosted by Wendy Zuckerman, along with her team of STEM experts. On the show, she has created a factual yet culturally relevant platform that focuses on debunking science-related trends.Science Vs is primarily targeted to a younger audience consisting of teenagers and young adults. The team behind this celebrated podcast has achieved relevancy through the inclusion of useful information, and by targeting an eager audience of young listeners.


2. My Favourite Theorem

Math is one of the four major categories that make up STEM. Mathematics is the foundation of most science, engineering, and technology-related subjects. That’s where this podcast comes in!My Favorite Theorem is a perfect podcast for those interested in complex mathematic problems. Host Kevin Knudson is a mathematics professor, and co-host Evelyn Lamb is a freelance math and science writer. The two discuss math formulas, and explain confusing mathematical inquiries.

Mathematics students will definitely relate to at least one of the My Favorite Theorem episodes. “If you love math, this is a wonderful podcast option for you,” says Lola Knight, STEM writer at Stateofwriting and Paperfellows. “The two hosts dedicate their creation to sharing their listeners’ favorite mathematic results.”


3. This Podcast Will Kill You

After looking past the threatening name, one can certainly enjoy this STEM-based podcast. This Podcast Will Kill You is hosted by two biology graduate students, Erin Welsh and Erin Allmann Updike. The two Erins focus on ecologic and scientific topics, covering worldwide medical mysteries.

Specifically, the Erins cover infectious diseases along with toxic and poisonous substances. They talk about unknown and notorious diseases, and also discuss relevant medical information, making it ideal for people pursuing the medical field. Most notably, ever since the spread of Coronavirus, they have focused on discussing the pandemic and further educating the general audience on the deadliness of the virus.


4. Her Stem Story

Years ago, it was not normalized for women to be involved in STEM. Her Stem Story is a podcast that focuses on the importance of women in STEM, and why their journeys matter.

Professionally an engineer and life coach, the host of this podcast, Prasha Sarwate, helps her listeners navigate their STEM career through various anecdotes and features. She discusses topics with special guests, and releases a new episode each week.

According to Sarwate, the science field is highly male-dominated. Through her podcast, Her Stem Story, she reinforces the importance of women being involved in STEM-based careers. “It’s important for a podcast like this to exist. All careers should be full of diverse, unique employees who can bring special skill sets,” concludes Hope Davies, tech blogger at Boomessays and Essay Services.


5. Houston We Have a Podcast

This STEM podcast, developed by NASA, focuses heavily on space and various astronomical topics. The podcast features astronauts, space scientists, and experts in astrophysics – an integral part of STEM.

Houston We Have a Podcast teaches listeners about life on the International Space Station (ISS) . Hosts of the podcast also share how missions are conducted, and how factors, like weather and safety, can impact the planning of certain missions. The purpose of this podcast is to both educate and inspire future astronauts and aerospace engineers.

These 5 STEM podcasts all deliver an individualistic view on this career field. From women in STEM, to relevant world topics and space science, these podcasts give a thorough and relatable view of STEM-based careers and inspire a new generation of scientists, astronauts, and engineers to join STEM-based careers!

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