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Who Are We?

STEM Fellowship is a Canadian registered charity that uses mentorship and experiential learning to equip the next generation of change-makers with indispensable skills in data science and scholarly writing. We began our activity in February 2015 and soon expanded to high schools and universities across Canada. Currently, we have 20 university branches in over 8 provinces and we’re still growing!

We present a new philosophy for student-driven experiential learning in STEM and provide our fellows with tools that will help them in the current STEM research and education ecosystem. We are a virtual meeting place for advanced STEM learning. A place where students can collaborate to develop their ideas and discuss them with world-class experts. An opportunity for peer-review and scholarly publications of high school and university research.

Sacha Noukhovitch | CSPC 2018
Co-Founder, Mohammad Asadi-Lari, shares the story of SF’s co-founding, in the broader context of how ‘Thing Global, but Act Local’ became the mantra of activity in the STEM Fellowship community
Co-founder, Dr. Noukhovitch, shares his philosophy on building research excellence in Canada through science education

Our People

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Our Accomplishments

    • The late Hon. Arnold Chan, Deputy House Speaker, attended our Big Data Day ceremony, the culminating event of our BDC, in 2016 and bestowed the BDC with a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the Government of Canada;
    • 1 of 3 finalists for the 2017 Canadian Open Data Summit’s Open Data Rising Star Award;
    • Recipient of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation Award of Excellence;
    • Our BDC has been under the patronage of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO (CCUNESCO) since 2017, thereby receiving both in-kind and monetary support;
    • Recognised by the United Nations Association Canada- Toronto Region as their 2017 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) award winner, given the contribution students made towards Canada’s 2030 Agenda via the 2018 BDC;
    • The Lieutenant Governors of Ontario and Alberta, Governor General of Canada, and Prime Minister of Canada have supported our 2019 high school and undergraduate BDCs through in-person attendance, video messages, and letters of support;
    • Canada Summer Jobs has supported our organization since 2018, providing students with valuable job opportunities;
    • Our University of Calgary Branch was selected from over 300 clubs to receive the Quality of Education Award from the University Students’ Union;
    • Our High School Big Data Challenge has been selected as a finalist for the University of Calgary 2020 Experiential Learning Project in Sustainability Award

Join Us

Becoming a STEM Fellowship member can lead to amazing opportunities such as peer-mentor networks, executive positions, conferences, contests, workshops, and even internships.


If you want to be involved in STEM Fellowship, join one of the many programs we offer, or:

  • Become your region’s SF ambassador
  • Join your university’s SF branch (or start one yourself!)
  • Become an SF executive
  • Follow us on our social media sites! (FacebookYouTubeTwitter, etc.)

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