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March 30, 2022


At STEM Fellowship, our aim is to meet the new age demands of the ever-changing body of science. The Asadi-Lari Interdisciplinary Contest (ALIC) combines elements of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics for the construction of difficult abstract and analytical questions. The ALIC promotes a mixture of ideas to enhance student intellectual development.

This contest encourages students to think across the boundaries of the ever-changing ecosystem of 21st-century science. Students shouldn’t view the discrete fields of science as unconnected parts. Rather, they must see how they fit together and complement each other. For instance, every living object in the universe is not only confined to the laws of biology. Chemistry, physics, and mathematics all exist within each biotic system. Through the ALIC, students will see how these laws all relate not only in biological systems, but in chemical and physical ones as well. The interdisciplinary nature of the contest highlights that advancements in science are made when knowledge from one field crosses over into another. Uniting ideas originally thought to belong to two different spheres of thought create a synthesis of new knowledge. Principles of mathematics merge into economics, principles of economics merge into biology, and principles of biology merge into physics. This is how new ideas, innovations, and discoveries emerge.

The ALIC is completely free of charge for all participants, to alleviate financial barriers that limit access to STEM opportunities. We encourage high school students from all backgrounds and underrepresented groups to participate, given STEM Fellowship’s firm commitment to the principle of STEMpowerment. For ALIC 2022, we are currently in the process of growing our participant base and development team internationally, with an emphasis on underrepresented counties. This includes translating our questions to non-English languages, in order to optimize the inclusivity of our contest.

The contest is named after Mohammed and Zeynab Asadi-Lari to attribute to their legacy. Both Mohammad and Zeynab were victims of the Ukrainian International Airlines Flight 752. Mohammad Asadi-Lari, STEM Fellowship’s co-founder and previous Managing Director, and his sister Zeynab Asadi-Lari, who created STEM Fellowship’s Human Resources team both passed away on Flight 752. During their lives, they touched many people with their tireless altruism and advocacy, and with their deep care for the people around them. Their passing is an unimaginable loss for their family, their friends and the communities they were a part of. May Mohammad and Zeynab rest in peace, and may this tragedy remind us all to value each moment of our lives and to continue to work to further their legacies of positive change.

Contest Details

The contest will contain 30 multiple choice questions, from three different categories:


Introductory Questions

(1 point each, 10 questions total) 

Relatively straightforward questions which do not require excessive thinking, but may contain elements from multiple disciplines.

Application Questions

(2 points each, 10 questions total)

More complicated questions that require higher level critical thinking skills to comprehend, analyze, and solve the problem based on the information given.

Higher-Order Questions

(3 points each, 10 questions total)  

Rigorous and challenging problems that require the highest levels of critical thinking, comprehension, and analysis.

Summary: 30 questions worth 60 points total to be completed in 90 minutes

The ALIC will be completed entirely through an online testing platform. Individual login details will be sent prior to the start of the contest. There will be a 24-hour window to complete the contest. Once you click start, you will have 90 minutes to complete the contest. Please ensure to give yourself enough time before the 24-hour window closes.

Participants will be permitted to use a scientific or graphing calculator and a periodic table. If molar masses are needed for a question, the data will be provided within the specific question to prevent any discrepancies from different sources.

Please refer back to this webpage to confirm all contest information. Third-party sites not affiliated or partnered with STEM Fellowship might not contain accurate or updated details.


The top three participants with the highest scores will receive a monetary prize and will be broadcasted on STEM Fellowship’s social media platform. The top 10% of participants will receive a Certificate of Distinction.

1st: BeMo Gold Award ($300.00 CAD) + Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition one-year subscription (valued at $72.00)

2nd: BeMo Silver Award ($200.00 CAD) + Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition one-year subscription (valued at $72.00)

3rd: BeMo Bronze Award ($100.00 CAD) + Wolfram Alpha Notebook Edition one-year subscription (valued at $72.00)

Sponsors and Partners


How many questions will be on the ALIC and how much time do I have?

The ALIC will contain 30 multiple choice questions and you will have 90 minutes to complete the contest.

Who can participate in the ALIC?

The contest will contain eleventh-grade biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics content. All high school students are welcome to participate.


Registration will close on March 25th. 

Got questions?

Please reach out to the contest organizers (Jacob Fine, Vikram Arora, and Emily Attai) by email.

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