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The STEM Fellowship Ambassador program links the passionate and proactive to further their development of the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). The role of an  Ambassador is to promote  STEM Fellowship’s Journal and Programs through a myriad of ways such as social media, presentations, motivating students to become more active in research or to publish and share their discoveries in the STEM Fellowship journal. Ambassadors will also be designated to represent STEM Fellowship at STEM related affairs (such as community science fairs). As active members of the STEM community, ambassadors also provide their opinions and feedback on STEM Fellowship program to contribute to the development and expansion of the program.  This enables the organization to recognize and gauge the interest and concerns of our programs, as well as ascertain methods to best meet the needs of students.       

There are two branches of the STEM Fellowship Ambassador program: Outreach and Chapter. The primary role of Chapter ambassadors is the administration of our High School Chapters.  By collaborating with high schools, STEM Fellowship is able to provide community services and seminars to high schools through the formation of chapters which inspire student-to-student interaction through pivotal aspects of data science and scholarly writing.  High school chapters charge schools an annual fee to provide resources such as peer tutoring for data education from university students and mentorship from university students for scholarly writing. Outreach ambassadors are more responsible for promotional aspect of the ambassador program and take charge largely through an online presence. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to be considered as Regional Team Leaders (responsible for leading a team of ambassadors in their respective region in Canada) if they display exceptional passion, commitment, and leadership skills to the Ambassador program.

The branch committee’s ultimate goal is to develop a formalized procedure for starting and managing STEM Fellowship clubs in post-secondary institutions around Canada. This would be done through communication and brainstorming between Presidents, the respective club’s executives, and the executive Branch Committee (composed of current and ex-university club executive members).

For the school year of 2016-2017, STEM Fellowship is setting out to start new clubs at the University of Calgary, McMaster University, Queens University, University of Toronto, and York University.

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