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As a federal charity, we rely on the generous support of our sponsors to sustain the work we do for Canadian youth. Funds that are donated to STEM Fellowship are appreciated and will be used to support STEM programs, which provide students across the country with unique, inquiry-based, experiential learning opportunities.

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Ambassador initiatives and scope largely depends on the collaboration of all members of the organization, in which every individual is valued and essential. Our ambassadors are engaged in high efficiency program development, marketing, social media promotions, scholarly writing, data initiatives, and recruitment.

One of our programs that focuses specifically on reaching targets of our Outreach endeavors is our ambassador program. Consisting of both high school students and university undergraduates, our ambassadors act to promote our organization and our many initiatives in their local communities, as well as, aiding in getting more students across Canada involved and aware of our programs through online means.  Our ambassadors work with their own respective regional teams to collaborate on region-specific outreach projects, as well as acting as representatives of the organization at promotional booths at STEM-related events.  They also participate in providing the organization’s executives with feedback on our program development so that we can obtain authentic student opinions and concerns to address the needs that our programs may have yet to meet.

This way of making alterations to the program allows STEM Fellowship Executives to tailor what goes on within the ambassadors for the ambassadors, resulting in the organization being able to efficiently identify and address any issues.  Ambassadors are also integral to STEM Fellowship through participation in other outreach endeavors such as reaching out to external organizations to initiate the communication for mutually beneficial partnerships.

We are currently recruiting STEM Fellowship ambassadors! For more information on our structures and selections procedures please see here.

For any questions and/or concerns, please contact christy.chan@stemfellowship.org

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