Dalhousie University Branch

Constituted September, 2017

The primary focus of the Dalhousie branch is to promote STEM Fellowship’s initiatives on education and innovation. Our members will improve the skills they need to succeed through scholarly writing workshops, conferences with professionals, and in a near future, academic challenges. We will start Fall 2017 with two events: a scholarly writing workshop, and a networking event. Further on we look forward to making available the SF mentorship program for first-year students, make conferences with field professionals, and continue our labor to create a network between all STEM fields in Dalhousie University

Upcoming Events

  • STEM Fellowship Meet & Greet
    • November 30, 2017
  • Introduction to Scholarly Writing: How To Write A Paper To Be Noticed
    • (Tentative dates: TBC)
  • Networking event:
    •   (Tentative dates: TBC)
  • Editing 101: Learn To Be Your Own Editor
    • (January 2018)

Past Events

No past events at the moment. Stay tuned and like our Facebook page


Our Team

Branch President: Jorge Plaza Santana

Executive VP Internal Affairs : Erin Gillis

VPs External Affairs : Katherine Lin & Eniola Bakare

Associate VP of Internal & External Affairs: Francis Routledge

VP Events: Megan Jackson

VP Communications & Marketing: Jake Hagen

VP Scholarly Writing Outreach:

Financial Director: Kiha Kim

Reach Us

General Member Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/5qVVZ49rZGtKJuf83

Executive Member Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/m4vAbgPNJwS4O6Jk2

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