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What is Indicium?

Indicium is an annual research competition geared towards introducing inexperienced students to the process of independent research. Through our mentorship program, we pair teams of undergraduate students with upper year students or graduate students who are experienced professionals in the research field and provide these students with the support they need to pursue their research projects.

What we have to offer

By hosting Indicium, we hope to offer a competitive, yet friendly platform for McMaster students to share ideas and start working together on individual projects. Not only are we giving students a strong research background, we are also providing students with the opportunity of having their research abstracts published in our scientific journal, with the top team being offered a manuscript publication. We hope that this club and this competition will act as a valuable means for students to further enrich their passion in the STEM fields.

Other Events

Scholarly Writing Workshops

To introduce the skills and programs available to get young researchers started with their projects.

Data Science Workshops

All fields of science require basic knowledge of data science and the tools available. We help equip students with the skills necessary for their future success.

Career and research oriented events

To get students familiar with the cutting-edge research being conducted on campus, as well as some of the emerging career paths in STEM today.


Mentors gain the opportunity of sharing their knowledge and skills with the younger generation. By fostering these relationships, we hope to both inspire and empower students to pursue their fields of interest. It is an opportunity to give back the support and inspiration you may have received yourself as a younger student and make meaningful connections with your team.

We accept mentors from diverse backgrounds, with the only requirements being significant research experience and a passion to help others. The mentor is assigned a team of 4-5 students to work with throughout the year, brainstorm potential research ideas, and help with the production of an abstract. Time commitment is approximately 4 hours a month.

We are currently recruiting mentors! Email for more information.


Participants gain the unique experience of collaborating with like minded people to explore an open-ended research question. No prior experience is required or necessary; we provide you with the mentorship, information, and workshops to get you started.

Applications are opening soon for participants. Stay tuned!

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