Can students from different schools form a team?

Yes. Your team does not necessarily have to represent the school at which you are studying. Students from different schools can form a team as long as they are able to find a physics teacher who is willing to help them throughout their preparation and competition phase.

If your team does not have enough members, we might be able to pair you up with other students.


Is it mandatory for the Team Leader to be a physics teacher?

No. The Team Leader can be an adult who has adequate knowledge in physics and can help the team.

Do I have to pay a fee to compete at CaYPT?

A successful application requires a registration fee of $300 for your team which covers both days.Please mail this cheque to:

STEM Fellowship, 24 Weatherstone Cr. Toronto, ON, M2H 1C2

postmarked no later than the date specified in the registration form. Once we receive your cheque, we will send out a confirmation email.


I live outside of Ontario and cannot afford to come to the physical location on the competition day. Is there any other option available to me?

There is a different system in order to allow for equal accessibility to all students who are interested in participating. This system will be a hybrid of in-person and online competition, where the participants will engage very interactively between in-person competitors and online competitors. The competition will not separate teams according to their regions. Please note that Ontario-based teams are expected to attend in person.

How can I prepare for CaYPT?

Firstly, you should carefully study the structure of CaYPT (which is very similar to IYPT) by reading the rules and regulations while watch videos of previous IYPT Physics Fights in order to clearly understand what happens. Secondly, you should work on CaYPT problems published on our website by doing research, actively communicating with your peers and asking your Team Leader for help. Some research resources can be found in our Student Resources section. Once you have finished working on your problems, you can create a PowerPoint presentation and practice presenting in front of your team members and teacher because you will want to communicate complex problems in a confident and understandable manner in front of the jurors. Having a Physics Fight role play may help you better understand the competition structure and hone your presentation skills. Lastly, you should have all your materials ready before the tournament date, go to bed early and appear on stage with the fullest energy.

What are the problems of CaYPT 2020? Do I need to know the solution to every problem to succeed?

The problems are published on our CaYPT 2020 page. It is highly recommended that you have the solutions to every problem. However, due to time constraints, we understand that sometimes that is not possible. The rules allow for the rejection of up to one problem per group. Therefore, you only need to have the solutions to eight out of the ten questions.

I am a post-secondary student. Can I compete?

No. CaYPT and IYPT are only open to secondary school students.

I am an international student who is studying at a Canadian high school. Can I compete?

International students can compete in the national competition. However, only Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to be on the Canadian national team for the IYPT.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to email


Official Regulations of the Canadian Young Physicists’ Tournament. Click below to learn more.


This year we are excited to announce a new registration system called the CaYPT Management System (CaYPTMS). Below are some of the information you need before registering.