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CaYPT 2023

10 Interesting Physics Problems for You to Explore

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Important Info

Location and Format

CaYPT 2023 will be entirely online. All events will run in the form of Zoom meetings.

An official discord server will be created as an alternative method of communication for competition days.

Join our social Discord server before registration. This is a place where students can socialize, talk about their research and have some fun before CaYPT. (Feel free to join even if you are not a Canadian student):


Date and Schedule

Day 1: Saturday, February 25th, 2023
Day 2: Saturday, March 4th, 2023.

Note that all teams must participate in BOTH days of the competition. Team Leaders and Jurors may participate in part of the competition based on their availability. 

The Schedule for CaYPT 2023 can be found here.


Go to the registration information page here

CaYPT Student Fellowship Program (SFP)

The CaYPT Student Fellowship Program (SFP) provides CaYPT teams with $1000 CAD of financial support with the following goal:

  • Promote CaYPT and physics education in local communities
  • Better equity, diversity, and inclusivity of the CaYPT program
  • Fund team’s CaYPT research

We hope that the CaYPT SFP will be a platform for young leaders to make an impact in their school and community.

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Team Ranking and Final Physics Match

Coming Soon


Thinking of Competing in CaYPT 2023? Sign-up for our mentorship program.

Meet regularly with a past IYPT participant to get academic and organizational advice.