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CaYPT Mentorship Program

Need advising on how to get started in the CaYPT? Want feedback on presentations prior to the competition? Struggling to figure out how to build an experiment? The CaYPT mentorship program can help with all that!


The CaYPT mentorship program enables CaYPT teams to meet with experienced IYPT and CaYPT mentors (often past participants) prior to the competition. The mentors can help with any of the following:

  • Logistics on how to start a team
  • Experimental tips on how to improve measurement techniques & build apparatus on a low budget
  • Theoretical guidance on modelling phenomena & numerical techniques
  • Feedback from presentation practice

Teams may book a maximum of two meetings per week, combined over all mentors. During mentorship sessions, the entire team must be present. The team must be registered in the CaYPTMS before booking a mentorship session. The mentors available with their respective sign-up links are listed below.


Dave Singh

Dave Singh

Dave is the current Canadian team leader and has coached the national team for the past three years. He has also been a past participant and team captain on Team Canada for two years prior to coaching.