Cybersecurity Classroom Training Program


There is an acute and growing need for cybersecurity professionals in Canada. High school is a critical juncture in young people’s education journey when they explore career options, and yet topics of cybersecurity and active digital citizenship are missing from high school curriculums. 

The ultimate goal of the Cybersecurity Classroom Training Program (CCTP) is to introduce cybersecurity education into high school classrooms across Canada in a variety of courses and contexts making students’ digital lives safer and help close the critical skills shortage by increase enrollment into post-secondary as well as certification programs in the cybersecurity field.

Though the Cyber Security Cooperation Program of the Ministry of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness has awarded support for the CCTP to contribute to security and prosperity in the digital age while positioning Canada as a global leader in cybersecurity.

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CCTP analyzes and consolidates best practices of high school cybersecurity education in New Brunswick, Manitoba’s Sisler High School Virtual Network and Cybersecurity Centre, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Cybersecurity Education Training Assistance Program (CETAP), the CyberSmart program, and others.

CCTP resorts to the diverse expertise of educators as well as industry representatives and organizes focus groups, surveys and online discussions to receive input on cybersecurity curriculum development. Through the test/focus workshops with students, it gauges cybersecurity lesson and activity difficulty, interest, and planning.

The CCTP will offer 2000 high school teachers across Canada training and will gain cybersecurity teaching infrastructure and materials, enabling them to introduce an estimated 40,000‐70,000 students to topics of cybersecurity during the initial program timeline. This will lead to a safer digital presence for students and their families all over the country, higher enrollment into post-secondary cybersecurity programs, and meeting the industry recruitment expectations in cybersecurity professionals.


CCTP program invites educators, industry professionals, and students interested in the quality cybersecurity high school education.

For more information please contact Hiba Shah, Chief Education Officer hiba.shah[at]