Problem 1: Invent Yourself

Design a boat that moves only due to the periodical mechanical movements of its internal parts and which only interacts with the environment (air, water) through its stiff hull. Optimise the parameters of your boat for maximum speed.

I. Phenomenon Demonstration

II. Books, Encyclopedia, Discussion and Forum Posts

  • Basic Physics of Rowing,energy%20lost%20in%20creating%20waves.
  • How Does A Rudder Help In Turning A Ship? By Soumya Chakraborty
  • HYDROFOILS by Tina Rosado

III. Research Papers

  • Boucher, J.-P., Labbé, R., Clanet, C., & Benzaquen, M. (2018). Thin or bulky: Optimal aspect ratios for ship hulls. Physical Review Fluids, 3(7).
  • Casas-Yrurzum, Sergio & Rueda, Silvia & Riera, JoseVicente & Fernández, Marcos. (2012). On the Real-time Physics Simulation of a Speed-boat Motion.. 121-128.