Problem 10: Droplet Explosion

When a drop of a water mixture (e.g. water-alcohol) is deposited on the surface of a hydrophobic liquid (e.g. vegetable oil), the resulting drop may sometimes fragment
into smaller droplets. Investigate the parameters that affect the fragmentation and the size of the final droplets.”

I. Phenomenon Demonstration

  • Marangoni Bursting: Evaporation-Induced Emulsification of a Two-Component Droplet. By ASP Physics
  • Visually stunning display of water & isopropyl alcohol | Marangoni Bursting. By Will Donaldson 

II. Books, Encyclopedia, Discussion and Forum Posts

III. Research Papers

  • Keiser, L., Bense, H., Colinet, P., Bico, J., Reyssat, E., 2017. Marangoni Bursting: Evaporation-Induced Emulsification of Binary Mixtures on a Liquid Layer. Physical Review Letters 118.. doi:10.1103/physrevlett.118.074504