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STEMpowerment provides free mentorship to high school and university students by pairing them with our friendly mentors who have experience in a variety of STEM fields.

Check out the programs below and apply to be a mentee or a mentor!

Core Pillars

STEM Focused

Out program teaches valuable skills applicable for students pursuing different fields of STEM, including life/health sciences, computer science, and engineering.

Support for Underrepresented Groups

We offer special programs and outreach for traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM, including people identifying as indigenous, economically disadvantaged, rural residents, refugees, and new immigrants.


Each mentor-mentee pairing is different. Different pairings focus on different life, career, and/or academic goals. You and your mentor/mentee will define your own goals and pursue them together.


Connecting with a mentor/mentee will allow both of you to be further connected to the global STEM community. As a student-run program, you will have the opportunity to network with like-minded students that are also pursuing STEM. 

Mentorship Programs


A year-round mentorship opportunity connecting high school and university students with more experienced mentors in areas of STEM they are interested in exploring. 

Connecting Through COVID

A series of online seminars on campus life and university experiences at different Canadian universities.


An opportunity for grade 11 and 12 students interested in life and health sciences to learn about the university application process from postsecondary students. Runs August to January each year.

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