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Science Communication


STEM Fellowship’s Science Communication division provides young researchers in high school and university with the practical skills required to thrive in our ever-evolving digital research economy. Our mission is to create meaningful platforms for young scholars to showcase their work, hosting competitions and giving awards to those who aren’t afraid to shine and flex their scientific bravado. Above all, we create and promote opportunities for those with little-to-no research experience to harness the STEM in those minds who would have otherwise never known about their potential for scientific research.


SF Science Communication is home to three initiatives that bring scientific research experience to young minds. These programs form the perfect STEM trifecta, as students are given: resources for developing their research toolbox; opportunities to compete with their peers and earn prizes for their work; and an outlet to showcase their work in a nationally-published scientific journal!


STEM Fellowship Journal (SFJ)

The first and most treasured SciComm initiative is the Open-Access STEM Fellowship Journal (SFJ) – a peer-reviewed, student-run academic journal –the only of its kind published by Canada’s national scientific publisher, Canadian Science Publishing (CSP). The SFJ is not your typical college journal. Our rigorous editorial process is designed to highlight outstanding work by students while preserving and promoting the core tenets of scholarly publishing. We have published the work of over 200 superb young researchers – will you be our next?

Science Communication Workshops

Finally, SciComm also hosts Science Communication Workshops. We host in-person events at universities across Canada, providing practical and experiential learning opportunities on topics like finding a research opportunity, writing an effective manuscript, and more. SciComm Workshops also host live webinars featuring star-student-researchers who have seen it all – get in touch with us if you would like to join the next one!

Scholarly Writing Challenge (SWC)

SciComm is also home to the Scholarly Writing Challenge. This is a Canada-wide competition wherein students write scholarly papers belonging to one of several STEM categories and compete for several prizes! These include monetary awards, as well as a free publication of their paper in the renowned SFJ!

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