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STEM Fellowship Volunteer Awards



Congratulations to the recipients of the STEM Fellowship Volunteer Awards! These volunteers have showcased outstanding qualities and skills in their role at STEM Fellowship. Take a look at what these amazing volunteers have said about their time at STEM Fellowship so far!

December 2020 – April 2021


Working at SF has been incredible! The organization does a great job fostering an environment that allows students to grow into people they’re proud of!

Harleen Klair

Through volunteering with STEM Fellowship, I had the opportunity to develop the Consulting program as the Team Lead. It has been a pleasure being able to work with dedicated SciComm team members to launch and expand the program for STEM students in Canada.

Rebecca Dang

 April 2021 – August 2021

As the founding Outreach Team Lead of STEMpowerment, I have had the amazing opportunity to form connections with traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM which have included students identifying as rural residents, refugees, and as Indigenous. Seeing these students participate in our mentorship and research programs has been inspiring and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue shaping and expanding STEM Fellowship’s programs.

Nikola Deretic

Through volunteering to organize the Scholarly Writing Challenge, I have enjoyed developing opportunities for high school students to be recognized for their research! I have had a wonderful experience working with the kind, collaborative, and dedicated people at STEM Fellowship.

Stephanie Quon

 August 2021 – December 2021

Volunteering with STEM Fellowship has truly been such an amazing experience for me and one that I will forever be proud of. I was able to develop my collaboration and problem-solving skills, all while working alongside some of the most inspiring and hardworking individuals I have ever met! I am so grateful to be a volunteer with STEM Fellowship and actively implement programs that provide youth from across Canada with opportunities to advance their academic and professional careers in STEM.


My time at STEM Fellowship has been amazing. I am so grateful to receive this award but I don’t think I would be receiving it without the help of my mentors at STEM Fellowship! This entire experience has helped me stay curious about everything STEM. Thank you so much.