STEM Fellowship Interdisciplinary Contest

The STEM Fellowship Interdisciplinary Contest will be held in early April, stay tuned!

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are traditionally thought of as four separate fields. Contrary to popular belief, this is far from the truth. Twenty-first-century science is moving towards the synthesis of these seemingly independent domains. Conversely, traditional high school tests and contests tend to focus heavily on content and knowledge of one particular field. At STEM Fellowship, our aim is to meet the new age demands of the ever-changing body of science. Our newest initiative combines elements of biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics for the construction of difficult abstract and analytical questions. Our mission to equip youth with data analytical and critical thinking skills is represented by our brand-new student-led Interdisciplinary Contest. This contest, made by students for students, encourages mastery of fundamental concepts essential for all those interested in STEM careers. 



What is STEM Fellowship Interdisciplinary Contest?

The STEM Fellowship Interdisciplinary Contest will consist of 30 questions, many of which will require high levels of understanding, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Many questions on the test will contain elements from multiple scientific fields. Students will have 90 minutes to individually complete the test on an online server.

Who can participate?

The test recommends at least eleventh-grade biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics knowledge to complete. However, challenge-pursuing high school students of all ages and first-year undergraduate students are welcome to compete.


How do I enroll?

Enrollment will likely open from early January and will remain open for one month. The enrollment fee will be $4.00 CAN per student. Online testing is a simple way for STEM Fellowship to coordinate and implement the contest.

What are the contest rewards?

The top 20% of students will receive certificates recognizing their excellent performance. Outstanding students will receive medals and monetary prizes based on their standing. Detailed prize descriptions will be posted closer to the date of the contest

For questions or to learn about holding this contest at your school, contact Jacob, the Lead Developer for the SFIC:

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