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STEMpowerment Mentorship Program

Core Pillars

STEM Focused

Our program teaches valuable skills applicable for students pursuing different fields of STEM, including life/health sciences, computer science, and engineering.


Each mentor-mentee pairing is different. Different pairings focus on different life, career, and/or academic goals. You and your mentor/mentee will define your own goals and pursue them together.

Support for Underrepresented Groups

We offer special programs and outreach for traditionally underrepresented groups in STEM, including people identifying as indigenous, economically disadvantaged, rural residents, refugees, and new immigrants.


Connecting with a mentor/mentee will allow both of you to be further connected to the global STEM community. As a student-run program, you will have the opportunity to network with like-minded students that are also pursuing STEM. 

Mentor Profiles


“Being a mentor offers you the unique opportunity to share both your personal and academic experiences as a way to provide guidance and propose various avenues of inspiration through passion. Having the ability to cultivate innovation and discovery is truly wonderful!”

Victoria Tucci (Mentor)

 “Being a part of this program is such an incredible honor and thanks to my mentor, I am learning a lot of things and we are building a great relationship. When I first joined the programme, I was pressed with questions about the future. My ever attentive and professional mentor would calm my worries with kindness and sound advice. I am forever grateful to be in this program. Thank you.”

Oboma Lolomari (Mentee)

 “I initially joined STEMpowerment as a mentor to encourage youth to participate in scientific research and experimentation at an early age. Over the past few months, my mentee and I have begun developing a fascinating biological research project that has inspired a passion for STEM within both of us.”
Anna Tymofyeyeva (Mentor)

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